Must Read: Nigerian Addicted Story – The Diary (Part 1)

Story – The Diary Written By  Slickest

Story - The Diary

A Story written by Slickest…

3rd Jan 2009

Met with Mrs Williams today at her office, she’s a Chevron manager who happened to be very rich. She gave an appointment which I did not miss because of its sure outcome, got this cool diary from her and a sum of N30,000 which came in a shock(saturdays dey make sense), she’s just being grateful once again for a job well done….I love my job.

Story – The Diary

Just arrived in my apartment expecting Onome who I called to come over, that girl is one nymphomaniac, she comes running when she sees my call… Good times ahead this wonderful saturday.

After writing this I’ll be out to see my padis at the joint, Onome just left with a broad smile on her face, I made her N3,000 richer, no wonder she never misses my call. Off to take my bath after a very good sexx…

Today started well but didn’t end well, Kako died today after so much time spent on his sick bed and so much money spent on his sickness, boys couldn’t drink anything …paid last respect to Kako the best footballer area, I sure will miss him. RIP Kako…. Off to bed.

4th Jan 2009

Woke up drowsy but I’ll be fine, I always wake up drowsy….had a nightmare that lasted throughout the night but am ok now(bad dream na normal tin 4ma side)…thinking of taking  breakfast at Mama Onome’s place, wicked yellow eba with serious draw soup…am getting fond of this diary, I like the set up ….off to the bathroom….

Argued a lot today at Mama Onome’s place(mumu Fatai dey tok say nani better messi….say na opportunity Im no get….). I was there for more than two hours before I came home to take an afternoon nap….off to sleep.

On my bed …..(Dis diary just sweet to write on top)

Got a call from Kako’s mother, she said it was important that my attention was needed as soon as possible… Curious though but I have to go……

My outing to late Kako’s house is becoming fruitful, Kako’s sister claimed she saw Kako’s ghost in front of her room which made her scream to attract attention, that was why the help of a professional like me was needed…..its not easy to be a Paranormal Investigator…hehe

Another N20,000 awaits me for the cleansing of the house tomorrow, will need to go to the out skirt to get that perfume that chases ghosts…(Dem go chop me raw if they find out say na Pol Science I study for university..) Hehe…off to bed

5th Jan 2009

Just finished dressing up for Kako’s house, I need money for the stuffs to be used in the casting out procedure,the perfume and that’s all….(magas go everly dey pay)….off…

Still at the old man place somewhere in the outskirts(I no even sabi d name of d place…Asaba na wa ooo). Sitting close to the old man who is the keeper of the emporium containing all kinds of herbs for different functions. He told me to wait for new deliveries are arriving….(Waiting tinz….)

On awaiting delivery the old man inquired what I wanted the rare perfume for, he commented on my consistency of its purchase and spoke like he suspected I was in to voodoo, he advised I was too young to be a part of voodoo(I no do jazz na!!…am just being a sharp guy…).

Just ignored the 10th call from Kako’s mother, she needed me over as soon as possible but this wait is not doing me any good.

On my way back to the city, the delivery just arrived and I have just purchased my product for N500…

Now in Kako’s room with the door locked behind me (na to start to dey speak in tongues dey next..). I wonder how Kako’s sister happens to be the only one seeing Kako’s ghost, hope she doesn’t have cerebral malaria?. I’ll just spray the perfume round the house and say some words I don’t understand for confusion.

Just finished convincing Kako’s family that the ghost of their dead member is gone for good, I had to lie that I came in contact with him and that it was a fair fight of words and plead before I could get him to vacate the premises. On my way home now…

Just had time to rest now, got home about two and a half hours ago and met my house all messed up, my tv was broken and my furnitures were all shattered…still trying to convince myself it was a bugle because the lock to my door wasn’t tampered with…its a mystery am trying not to see as one because nothing was taken instead all my stuffs were destroyed…(crazy ish)…

Done cleaning, need to take my bath and find something to eat…

Totally fond of this diary, taking it with me to the bukkah (Mama Onome’s place)…

Kako’s death brought so much absurdity to the area, the silence was so noticeable that an outsider would know something is not right. The canteen was so silent throughout my dinner time, no one said a word…indeed, we all miss Kako….never knew his real name till this afternoon when his mother told me his name was James… I should leave this place in a while…

There’s something weird going on in my house, I got home at about past eight from Mama Onome’s place and got the shock of my life…The whole house I rearranged after some mysterious activity had occurred in it was back the way I met it earlier, it was so scattered all my curtains were torn to pieces, my furnitures were totally annihilated but the lock to the entry of my boy’s quarter was intact. Just finished packing the remnants of my belongings with the intention of disposing the destroyed parts tomorrow. What still baffles me is the football I saw at the centre of my living room…

To Be Continued…



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